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Welcome to "RememberMLM!

I am working on a historical book about the USMLM and its role in the context of the Cold War. I wish to tell the story of the entire Mission, of all those who contributed, from the admin team, commo section, to the Tour NCO and Officer.

I also want to examine the impact that USMLM had on the overall intelligence picture during the Cold War, especially in the period following official U.S. recognition of the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

I have over 500 pages of documents from Stasi dealing with the Mission and its operations, as well as a number of Unit Histories. I also have a large amount of information related to specific intelligence operations and understand many of the changes that took place in the Mission.

The working title of the book is:

19-21 Foehrenweg: The Story of the United States Military Liaison Mission.

USMLM's Berlin headquarters has an interesting history in itself. As most know, the building was built as a "villa" for Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel, whose neighbor in Foehrenweg during a time in the 30's was the heavyweight boxing champion Max Schmeling. After the war, the building housed units of the 287th Military Police Comany and the predessor to the  CIA.

My intention in writing this book is to provide a more comprehension picture of the daily life of those who made the Mission what it was: dollar for dollar, the best Cold War intelligence collector!

Currentely, I am talking with two publishers and wish to hear about any and all events related to your time at USMLM. I am particularly interested in information that might not, for whatever reason, have been included in the Unit Histories and will treat all correspondence as confidential.


Stephen V. Hoyt, Ph.D.



'91-'94 (CAD-B)

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